The Great Aussie RePETreation

Sound Industry knowledge allows strategic

communication and collaboration

A PetExportVet Hong Kong & Qantas Australia Initiative

By February 2022 my clients were emotional and desperate to be reunited with their precious family pets. Many had already returned to Australia & were frustrated at the lack of flight availability out of Hong Kong to Melbourne due to Hong Kong having few flights in and out.

My team were also feeling frustrated at the lack of options. Although private charter was an option, for many clients this was out of budget range.

While we were working around the clock exhausting every option to get pets back to their families the internet and social media forums went wild with incorrect advice, and adding further confusion to our clients around options that were nothing more than rumour.

I am fortunate to have excellent connections in aviation management Internationally, in Hong Kong & Australia and in late February I decided to begin what a client has coined a "Herculean" effort!

I contacted my professional colleague in Qantas Freight. After explaining the dire situation and emotional toll on everyday families, Qantas and my company made a commitment to each other to

“bring Australian pets home”

Daily meetings and communication, conference calls, client updates & coordination of outgoing health checks, treatments, and Hong Kong AFCD was part of the many moving parts of this precious cargo logistics. The coordination was not limited to Hong Kong as constant PEQ communication and import permit considerations are a crucial part of the planning process, along with coordination of adequate staffing for both PEQ & biosecurity check Melbourne arrival.

Family Reunions

My company has over 80 booked clients waiting for their stranded pets to join them in Australia, some have been waiting up to nine months to reunite with their family pet. The two specially organised flights are fully booked and at capacity and will bring 70 much loved pets to Melbourne for quarantine and family reunions.

The rest of the precious cargo cohort have gone via other airline options and we have already sent them ahead.

We look forward to sharing the many photos of just what it takes to send such a large shipment of precious cargo along with the many joyous family reunion photos post ten days quarantine.

Qantas, PEQ and my team PetExportVet are very proud to serve the loving Australian families that have waited way too long to have their pet home

I must send compliments to all my staff especially who have worked tirelessly and professionally to support this rePETreation of such large proportions.

Thank you

Most Importantly I want to thank all my clients for the incredible love they have shown for their pets and the trust they have given me to bring their fur babies home.

Dr. Gerry Pahl

Director PetExportVet

IPATA President Elect

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