Shipping Domestic Pet Rabbits

Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular domestic pet, but like all animals, they have specific needs that we at PetExportVet recognise.

Rabbits are prey animals, which means they have evolved with a highly developed fight or flight response. Because of this, they tend to get nervous and stressed easily under conditions that they are not used to- which isn't great when it comes to travelling! Furthermore, they are highly sensitive to sound and visual stimuli, meaning that making sure they are as calm and relaxed as possible is crucial, so when I’m preparing the travel cages for these animals they will be customised to reduce excessive noise and visual stimulation. You may be wondering why we don't sedate them for travel, which I have explained in our Frequently Asked Questions.

In addition to the above, rabbits also have a unique digestive system, requiring food to be available all times- including during travel. This is the direct opposite situation to dogs and cats, where we withhold food for a period of time leading up to transport to reduce the risk of vomiting or other gastro-intestinal disorders. Because of this, we use high-quality hay in our rabbit cages which in addition to being a food source also makes great bedding material.

At PetExportVet, we pride ourselves in giving your pet the best care available, no matter what specific needs they have. Contact us today for an obligation free quote!

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