Rory, Poppy and Dando (Hong Kong to the United Kingdom)

Thank you guys so much! A++ service start to end. “Magic” Tracey and Dr. Gerry made what we thought was impossible a reality and even more so, over a public holiday weekend.

we can't thank you enough!!

Anyone wanting to relocate their pets from HK please make sure these guys your first call!


Laika 1.jpg

Laika and Kimchi (Hong Kong to Denver)

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you and Dr. Gerry did to make sure their journey went well. 

All the best, stay safe.

Gabriel & Taylor


Tinkerbelle (Hong Kong to Australia)

Tink has settled back into life in Australia very well.  Credit to your team for keeping her well fed and loved... we have done 3 international moves with Tink now and she is more relaxed on this return by far.  We also really appreciate the regular updates on the repatriation / quarantine process, and the dedication displayed during a difficult period due to the coronavirus. I would recommend Pet Export Vet to anyone considering relocating their pet.


Vanilla Bean (Hong Kong to the United States of America)

Pet Export Vet (PEV) made sure that our 5-year old French Bulldog, Bean, arrived safely after a long journey from Hong Kong to the United States. She looked healthy and happy when she emerged from customs. We cannot thank PEV enough for making sure she got home!

Thank you again for making sure Bean had a successful journey!


Brian (Hong Kong to the United Kingdom)

"Another Fantastic Achievement, "Brian" Our beloved African Grey Parrot arrived safe and sound from the UK into Hong Kong! and is talking non stop! An amazing Team effort from Dr Gerry and all concerned. Brian had previously been exported from Hong Kong to the UK, and has now relocated again!!!!!! He now holds the record for the being the only African Grey to ever be shipped into the UK, and back into HK!! Everyone was amazing, all looking after his welfare and wellbeing! Dr Gerry as usual went above and beyond, and I have to say the UK and HK govt authorities were brilliant! If anyone ever needs to ship a Parrot from or into HK then Dr Gerry is the man you need, the paperwork, documents etc.. can be a little daunting, but trust me, Dr Gerry is the only Person in Hong Kong that can get the job done, and needless to say that your beloved pets welfare is always his priority! On behalf of my family and our beloved muppet "Brian" we thank you!!!!!"


Cupcake (Hong Kong to Perth)

"Dr Gerry and Tracey did a great job getting our Pomeranian from Hong Kong over to Perth safely and hassle free. They were quick to answer questions and the home visits were very convenient. I highly recommend them!"


Penelope (Hong Kong to Seattle)

"As a sensitive animal with specific dietary requirements, such as the need to constantly graze, Penelope's move to America was always going to be tricky. Thankfully, we knew Dr Gerry through the fantastic work at his veterinary clinic in Yuen Long and it was his knowledge about exotic animals - and rabbits in particular - that gave my wife and I the peace of mind to finally proceed with Penelope's relocation. I would recommend Dr Gerry's service to anyone looking to take their pets abroad; his experience as a veterinary surgeon means that the welfare of your pet will always be paramount. No other pet relocation service we spoke to was able to offer this level of expertise in Hong Kong. Penelope arrived safe and sound and is now happier than ever at her new home in Seattle."

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The Architect & Be (Hong Kong to Washington DC, USA)

We've been meaning to send a quick photo of A & B (The Architect and Be, or "The Red Ear") for a while now since they safely arrived here in Washington, DC, back in March, and are just now getting around to it.  See attached, in their temporary container upon arrival and on our deck for a little summer play.  When we let them loose in the backyard, they quickly start scampering around and getting a good photo of both of them together is difficult, easily getting lost in the grass and running around very happily; that is, once The Architect gets over his shyness.  We are in the process of building an outside tortoise pond for them, and will hopefully be done soon. 

Like some other pet owners, Jennifer was very concerned about how her two tortoises could be shipped to the US, and be well taken care of in the process.  She looked all over Hong Kong to find a good pet transport company, but found none that would ship reptiles or tortoises.  We were so glad to find Pet Export Vet, who not only shipped tortoises, but seemed so happy to do so.  Although we had many concerns about the whole process (this was the first time for either of us to ship an animal, much less ship overseas), we found that everything was completed with courtesy and aplomb.  We received good communication throughout the whole process, especially once they had landed in the US.  Their delivery to me at my office in nearby Northern Virginia couldn't have been easier.  Once in my hands, I found them in excellent condition, happy, and ready to eat and play.  All of their paperwork was in order, and the special-made travel crate they were in was excellent.  We're keeping it for any potential future use, although I think Be will outgrow it soon. 

Thanks again for everything you did to arrange for their transport. We'll definitely keep Pet Export Vet for any future pet transporting needs, and would refer you to anyone we know in a heartbeat.


Brad & Jennifer

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Ruggero (Hong Kong to Australia) 

"Worries free experience! I am so glad to have chosen PetExportVet, my 3 year old cat Ruggero moved from Hong Kong to Sydney, Australia with us with the help from Dr. Gerry and Tracey throughout the whole process. 
Dr. Gerry was very professional and helpful, he came to collect Ruggero from our home in Hong Kong himself, sent me a photo of Ruggero before his departure and let me know that everything is fine. 
Tracey was very helpful as well with all the paperworks and also kept me informed when Ruggero's flight departed and arrived. Thank you very much Dr.Gerry and Tracey! Definitely will recommend PetExportVet to anyone who needs to relocate their loved fluffy friends!"

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Daisy (Hong Kong to Australia)

Dear Gerry and Team, 
We would like to give a 'shout out' to Petexportvet after the recent relocation of our family member Daisy. We cannot thank you enough for the care, concern and communication shown to both us and our dog Daisy as we transported her back to Australia. The convenience of your service was also much appreciated as we both work full-time. Not once did we have to bring Daisy to you, all visits were made to our home. Daisy arrived safely on our doorstep in Lennox Head after ten days in quarantine, with a wagging tail and a smile on her face. She is now happily running along the beaches of the east coast of Australia. We would sincerely like to thank you for your very professional service. Relocating is not an easy thing to do, but your team certainly made the transition so much easier for our family. I will highly recommend you to anyone considering the relocation of a family pet out of HK.
Many thanks,
The Ruskin Family

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Coffee (China to Canada via Hong Kong)

"I just wanted to write and thank you for your excellent services in helping me get Coffee out of China and back home.  Your email responses were always prompt and informative, and I always knew what was happening during the process.  Coffee made it here with no problems, and the customs officials seemed happy that I had everything all ready and in order.  I will not hesitate to use your services again if Coffee and I ever head to that part of the world. Thanks again!"

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Raven (Hong Kong to United Kingdom)

"After a somewhat frustrating few weeks of trying to single-handedly organise the export of my cat from Hong to the UK, I realised that I wasn't getting anywhere...cargo divisions of a few major airlines were proving evasive, and the paperwork involved seemed complex. Having written to Dr Gerry with a routine enquiry, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Dr Gerry had direct experience in the pet export business. Dr Gerry discussed with me in detail the costs involved and upon my acceptance, took care of everything right down to the pet container and checking my cat, Raven, in at the airport. Another bonus is that his rates are very reasonable.

 I was kept up to date with booking info and any other developments at every stage of the process, which was a huge comfort to me. Moreover, Dr Gerry undertook the legwork in finding out whether we could fly Raven to Manchester under the PETS Scheme, which as it happened, was a new approved route. As such, my cat became the first animal to be exported via this new, unadvertised, route thanks to Dr Gerry.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Gerry's service, which was caring, patient and communicative from start to finish. We now have Raven safely living in the UK and couldn't be happier."


Nacho (Hong Kong to New Zealand)

"Awesome company, thank you for all your help team and Dr Gerry for bringing Nacho to her new life in New Zealand safe and sound! she is LOVING life!"

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Scampy and Ginger (Hong Kong to the United Kingdom)

Here are our two boys in London on New Year's Day 2016 – happy and calm thanks to your loving care for our move from Hong Kong!
Thanks again and best wishes!
Bonny and David

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Kyra & Sky (Hong Kong to United Kingdom)

"Kyra and Sky both arrived safely and in good health (& in excellent time).
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a seamless move for my little girls (they are my family). Without the expertise of you and your team, I have no doubt things would have been a lot more complicated.  You knew exactly what was required and how to achieve it. The home health check was great as it was so stress free for both the dogs and myself - a very big thank you - I cannot praise you enough and I would happily recommend you to anybody who has to arrange for the travel of their furry friends!"

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Alfie (Hong Kong to St Kitts, Caribbean)

"Alfie’s BIG Adventure….from the streets of Hong Kong to the beaches of the Caribbean! Thanks to Dr Gerry and his incredibly helpful team my cat Alfie’s journey from beginning to end was completely smooth and stress free…for me! Dr Gerry took care of everything including vaccinations, permits, travel documents and arrangements, and most of all making sure Alfie was safe and happy…which for a cat with a grumpy temperament is quite a task! From beginning to end Dr Gerry handled everything brilliantly and I cannot thank him enough for all he has done to get Alfie from Hong Kong, via the UK, and on to the Caribbean. I would definitely recommend using PetExportVet for anybody exporting their animals."

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Tong Yuen (Hong Kong to Sydney, Australia)

Hi Dr Gerry and Tracey
I apologise for my late response to thanking you with exporting my pug Tongyuen over to Sydney.
I really appreciated your help throughout out the whole process and you guys have been very patient and helpful especially with me postponing the dates of his export.
Hope you guys are well and I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who is looking into exporting their pets abroad.

woman 10
woman 10

Krugie (Hong Kong to Singapore)

woman 12
woman 12

Franzie & Fergie (Phillipines to United Kingdom via Hong Kong)

"We just want to say thank you to Gerry Pahl and PetExportVet for a first class service and excellent communication from start to finish.

We relocated from the Philippines back to the UK in November of 2013 but the whole process began almost 12 months before when we began looking for someone to help us transport our cat and dog, the biggest problem we had was the dog was a bulldog and he needed special care due to the tropical climate he was flying from. 

Gerry replied to my email swiftly and advised me exactly on what needed to be done, he then communicated with me for almost a full year because we had to keep rearranging our departure date for several reasons. He was able to secure all the necessary permits and book and rebook flights at our request, he did this without receiving any payment until about a month before our departure.

Ultimately, Gerry and PetExportVet gave us the confidence to fly our pets when we really were concerned for their welfare throughout the flights, we did consider rehoming them rather than put them through something that could harm them. However, thanks to Gerry we now have them with us safe and sound and they arrived in fantastic condition."

woman 14
woman 14
woman 14
woman 14

Ollie, Flossie and Esme (Hong Kong to New Zealand)

"We used PetExportVet for relocating our 3 gorgeous dogs to NZ with us. They are our family and we were anxious about the process, but became reassured by the calm, experienced and knowledgeable service offered by Dr Gerry Pahl and his highly efficient assistant Tracey. They were patient with our many questions and concerns, and handled our dogs with sensitivity and humour. They took care of the demanding administration work completely, a real bonus in the face of stringent import demands. We really appreciated the personal attention to each of our dogs and their different personalities, and felt confident about placing our pets in their care at what has been such a stressful time. We are all now happily reunited in NZ and would highly recommend this service to any of you looking to transport your furry family overseas."

Sampson (Hong Kong to Dorrigo, Australia)

Dear Gerry,

I would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your staff in the recent transfer of our dog "Sampson" from Hong Kong to Sydney, Australia and finally to our home in Dorrigo, NSW

When we first decided to return to Australia, our first concern was what to do about our Cocker Spaniel, Sampson. We knew of several agencies which handle pet transfers but it was difficult knowing which one to choose. After all, he was not a young dog. He was nine years old and had just been rather traumatised in an altercation with a Rottweiler. 

The great thing is that you are a Veterinarian, Gerry, and when you offered to assist organizing the paperwork and the connections in Hong Kong and in Australia we jumped at the opportunity since we had full confidence that you understood our animal and his needs. How right we were! It was made so easy. You kept in touch, walked us through all the steps and you knew exactly what to do in terms of testing and the preparation of the relevant documents. All we had to do was have Sampson there at the right time and place. 

Thank you so much for making it so easy and taking the time to explain procedures. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone else who wishes to send their pet to any other country.

woman 9
woman 9
woman 9

Kip, Kofi and Minka (Hong Kong to the United Kingdom)

"I knew I could never leave Hong Kong without my three cats Kofi, Kip, and Minka. But I had concerns in flying these guys - older cats, nervous, and two of them are snub-nosed, which meant some airlines would not carry them.  Dr Gerry and his team took care of everything to ensure that my animals arrived safely, and more relaxed than me!   I was able to take my cats from the animal centre in Heathrow within two hours of them arriving.  I would highly recommend Petexportvet. They are extremely knowledgeable, and totally animal-centred.  My pets now enjoy a carefree life in the UK"

man 5
man 5

Peach and Mario (Hong Kong to the Brisbane, Australia)

Dear Gerry & Tracey,
I cannot say thank you enough for your awesome and fantastic support through our stressful and anxious time relocating our 2 cats from Hong Kong to Brisbane, Australia. 

Your service is very professional and no matter how many times I emailed to ask yet another question or query, you were both very attentive in getting back to me as soon as you were able to. From having our cats collected from our house in Hong Kong, to having them board 2 days at your cat condo service, you sent me photos and updates every day.Then there was the stressful wait while they boarded in Melbourne Quarantine facility for 10 days.  You both gave me updates as much as you were able to to ease my mind.

I recommend PetExportVet to anyone needing to relocate their precious pets, as Gerry and Tracey know their stuff well and their first priority is the safety of getting your precious pets from A to B.
Kind regards,
Natalie Fraser


Rufus (Hong Kong to Bristol)

Thanks for getting me from Hong Kong to Bristol

I did not like that crate, but as Dr. Gerry said, it's a means to an end and the door to door service meant my family had a stress free trip back to the UK knowing I was in safe hands and the phone updates kept them posted on how I was doing both before and after take off!
It took me a few days to get over my trip, but I'm back to my old self and am loving the smells and walks through the fields and woods.
Plus, I'm a bit of a celebrity here....these posh British hounds have never met a Sai Kung Village dog before!
Thanks again Dr. Gerry and Tracey.


Hacker (Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur)

"Dr Gerry and Tracey were just amazing getting our cavoodle Hacker from HK to KL. The most professional pet export service we've ever experienced after numerous country moves."

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 11.40.18 am.pn

6 Furry friends (Hong Kong to Singapore)

"Gerry and Tracey did an awesome job helping to relocate our 3 dogs and 3 cats from Hong Kong to Singapore 6 weeks ago. We have an extra large dog who is over 50kgs and Gerry and his team were able to source the correct size crate which took a huge weight off our minds. All our pets arrived happy and safe. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gerry and the Team to relocate your pets knowing they will be safe and take the stress away from relocating with pets. Thanks!"

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man 4
man 4

Lily and Bert (Hong Kong to the United Kingdom)

Dear Gerry and Tracey,
Here are some photos of Lily enjoying her new life in England. She's up on the White Cliffs of Dover in a few of them and enjoying the fire in our local pub after her walk!
Bert is a bit cold here but hopefully he'll get used to it soon.
Best wishes and Happy New Year!
Louise, Mike, Isabella, Lily and Bert