Your Senior Pet

November 8, 2016

Senior pets undergo changes in organs and tissues just like elderly humans. It is well known that older pets have a higher incidence of such conditions as major internal organ failure, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, dental disease and loss of special senses (especially hearing and vision).


We consider dogs and cats that are eight years of age or older to be in their senior years.



Some diseases of older animals may develop slowly without any obvious symptoms.  I recommend annual health checks for all pets 8 years or older.  Our senior wellness program is a preventative care program aimed at maintaining and prolonging a high quality life for your pet.


This annual check includes:

  • A review of your pet’s medical, surgical, vaccination and dietary history.

  • Complete physical examination with special emphasis on checks for Arthritis, heart disease, tumours, obesity, dental disease and special senses (sight & hearing).

Last month, my loyal and much loved dog "Speckles" turned 12 years old.  Just like any dog owner, I relate to any elderly dog owners concerns as she ages into her twilight years.  Fortunately she is relatively healthy although I keep a close eye on her diet, she has yearly blood tests to check her kidney and liver function and I keep her numerous lumps and bumps observed and monitored. 




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