Radiated tortoises

Recently we exported a shipment of 32 radiated tortoises to Australia. These tortoises are an extremely endangered species and are originally from Madagascar. They are also an extremely long lived species, there has been documented cases of some of them living up to 188 years of age! They are going to Australia because the climate in Queensland is very similar to the climate in their homeland. At their new home they will be extremely well cared for, They will take part in an international captive breeding program to try and increase the worldwide numbers of these wonderful tortoises. A great deal of preparation and care was needed to ship these species safely. There are strict guidelines that are found in a reference book called 'Live Animal Regulations'(LAR). Any animal species in the world has rules and regulations as to how they can be shipped by air.








Brachycephalic animals

A brachycephalic animal has a short and flat snout resulting from years of breeding to develop this characteristic. The following list describes the particular anatomical characteristics that contribute to breathing difficulties. 


Over the past few years, many airlines have tightened their policies regarding the transport of Brachycephalic (snub-nosed) animals.  In fact, now the majority of International Airlines either completely ban or place severe restrictions on the shipment of these animals.


Dr Gerry has traveled to Singapore with many precious brachycephalic animals. Due to airline restrictions, these pets have had to travel in style by having to be booked on a "freighter" cargo plane, with Dr Gerry as their personal escort! Dr Gerry accompanies these animals on their flight and monitors them closely, after all, it is all about getting them safely from A to B.


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