After more than a decade of providing Hong Kong Pet relocation companies with professional veterinary services as the integral part of pet relocation (a vet is required for animal health certification, blood collection and testing as well as advice regarding the complexities of the various Government Import requirements), the time came for Dr. Gerry to transport his own pet back to Australia for a temporary relocation. Dr. Gerry naturally handled the relocation of the family’s pet Dalmatian “Speckles” personally, efficiently and with minimal impact on his beloved pet.


Very soon friends and then acquaintances of friends began to use Dr. Gerry’s services for pet relocation to and from Hong Kong, and buoyed by the wonderful feedback, Dr. Gerry began PetExportVet in 2010 and has been offering bespoke pet relocation at competitive prices ever since.


Due to his professional qualifications and Veterinary Surgeons Board registration in Hong Kong,  Dr. Gerry became a member of  IPATA -  (International Pet & Animal Transport Association).  Veterinarians have had a long association with IPATA, in fact a Veterinary Surgeon was a founding member of the association set up in 1979.  IPATA  is now a respected network of International Pet Shippers and relocators.

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Company Director

Dr Gerry Pahl (BVSc, Sydney) is a professional Veterinary Surgeon with over 30 years of experience in the Animal Health Industry. Dr Gerry has lived and worked in Hong Kong for the past 22 years, is the Executive Secretary of the International Pet Animal Transport Association (IPATA), Member Hong Kong Veterinary Association and registered with the Veterinary Surgeons Board (HK).


Dr. Gerry was raised on a sheep farm in rural Victoria, surrounded by animals. He is a keen and experienced horseman and an animal lover.


When it was time to relocate his own dog from Australia to Hong Kong, back to Australia and then back to Hong Kong, Dr. Gerry realized how important it is to offer a streamlined service where one person oversees the care and transport of your pet door to door.  As a pet owner and vet, Dr. Gerry understands that a professional service with precise handling of every step is paramount in getting your pet safely and comfortably to their destination.   


Pet Relocation Assistant


Pet Relocation Assistant


Pet Relocation Assistant




Pet Relocation Assistant


Pet Relocation Assistant


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